Here is a list of sermons preached in our church in 2021. You can download the sermon by clicking on the title.

31 December 2021(NY)Mr John van DykNew Year's Eve ServiceLam 3:1-31Lam 3:21-23Youtube
26 December 2021(PM)Mr Rick Geerlofs
(Rev J A Haverland)
East and WestJohn 4:1-26Jos 22Youtube
26 December 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteA Weary World Rejoices 34: The Believer's LongingLuke 2:22-38Luke 2:25Youtube
25 December 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteChristmas Day ServiceYoutube
24 December 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteCommunity Carol ServiceYoutube
19 December 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteThe Rider on the White HorseEze 39:17-24Rev 19:11-21Youtube
19 December 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteA Weary World Rejoices 2: Satan's AttacksJohn 1:1-18John 1:5Youtube
12 December 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteBabylon ReplacedRev 19:1-10Youtube
12 December 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteA Weary World Rejoices 1: The World's DarknessLuke 1:1-38Youtube
5 December 2021(PM)Mr Andrew MillerExperience the Peace of GodPsa 34
Phil 4:1-9
Phil 4:4-7Youtube
5 December 2021(AM)Mr Andrew MillerThe Unchanging Question in a Changing WorldJob 9Job 9:2Youtube
28 November 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteThe Destruction of BabylonRev 18Youtube
28 November 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteWelcome One AnotherRom 14:1-15:7Youtube
21 November 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteUnderstanding BabylonRev 17Youtube
21 November 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteSubmission to Our Government1 Pet 2:13-17Rom 13:1-7Youtube
14 November 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteThe Bowls of God’s WrathRev 15:5–16:21Youtube
14 November 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteUnity in the ChurchRom 15:1-7Eph 4:1-16Youtube
7 November 2021(PM)Mr Rick Geerlofs
(Rev J A Haverland)
This Land is Your LandJos 14:1-5; 18:1-10; 21:43-45; Heb 4Jos 13-21Youtube
7 November 2021(AM)Mr Bruce Duthie
(Rev M A Flinn)
Victory1 Cor 15Youtube
31 October 2021(PM)Rev Erik Stolte“Who will not fear you, O Lord?”Mat 13:24-30, 36-43Rev 14:14-15:4Youtube
31 October 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteGiving Thanks: Considering God’s Steadfast Love (2)Psa 107Youtube
24 October 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteSinging the SongRev 14:1-13Youtube
24 October 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteGiving Thanks: Considering God’s Steadfast Love (1)Psa 107Youtube
17 October 2021(PM)Mr John van DykIt Depends on How You View Things2 Cor 5:11-21Ecc 1:1-11, 12:13-14Youtube
17 October 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteWho Can Come Before God?2 Sam 6:1-15Psa 25Youtube
10 October 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteThe Two Beasts that Attack the ChurchRev 13Youtube
10 October 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteCorporate WorshipHeb 12:18-29Heb 10:21-25Youtube
3 October 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteThe Great Cosmic ConflictRev 12Youtube
3 October 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteChildren, Listen Up!Eph 5:22-6:9Eph 6:1-3Youtube
26 September 2021(PM)Mr Bruce Duthie
(Rev M A Flinn)
Thou Art WorthyBC 8-9
Rev 4-5
Rev 4:11Youtube
26 September 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteContinuous WorshipHeb 12:18-29Psa 134Youtube
19 September 2021(PM)Mr Andrew MillerOur Ordinary is God's ExtraordinaryRuth 3
Eze 16:1-14
Ruth 3:8-13Youtube
19 September 2021(AM)Mr Andrew MillerWho is this Jesus?John 10:22-42Youtube
12 September 2021(PM)Mr Rick Geerlofs
(Rev J A Haverland)
A Holy WarRom 1:18-32Jos 10:40-11:23Youtube
12 September 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteThe End of the Beginning and the Beginning of the EndActs 28Youtube
5 September 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteThe Two WitnessesRev 11Youtube
5 September 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteStrong in the StormActs 27Youtube
29 August 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteThe Angel and the BookRev 10Youtube
29 August 2021(AM)Rev Erik StoltePaul's Defence before AgrippaActs 26Youtube
22 August 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteThe Trumpets' Call to RepentanceRev 8-9Youtube
22 August 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteWhat Do I Do with this Man?Acts 25Youtube
15 August 2021(PM)Rev Sjirk BajemaWhere the Light Gets to Shine!Deut 14:1-21Deut 14:21cYoutube
15 August 2021(AM)Rev Sjirk BajemaJust When You Think You’re Right!Luke 17:20-18:14Luke 18:9-14Youtube
8 August 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteWho Can Stand?Eph 1:3-14Rev 7Youtube
8 August 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteWho's On Trial Here?Acts 24Youtube
1 August 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteThe Opening of the SealsRev 1:9-20Rev 6Youtube
1 August 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteOff to CaesareaActs 22:30-23:35Youtube
25 July 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteThe Coming JudgmentWCF 33Mat 25:31-46Youtube
25 July 2021(AM)Rev Erik StoltePaul's Defence Before the JewsActs 21:37-22:39Youtube
18 July 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteWhat Happens When We Die?Gen 2:7-9,15-17;
WCF 32
2 Cor 5:1-10Youtube
18 July 2021(AM)Rev Erik StoltePaul's Ministry in Jerusalem1 Cor 9:19-27Acts 21:17-36Youtube
11 July 2021(PM)Mr Bruce Duthie
(Rev M A Flinn)
No Other GospelGjal 1:1-10;
BC 7
Gal 1:8Youtube
11 July 2021(AM)Mr John van Dyk
(Rev C Niewenhuis)
The Beauty of Christian WorshipPsa 84Psa 84:1-2Youtube
4 July 2021(PM)Rev Erik StoltePresbyteries and SynodsActs 15:1–11, 22–23, 30–33WCF 31
4 July 2021(AM)Rev Erik StoltePaul’s Itinerary En Route to JerusalemMat 16:13-23Acts 21:1–16
27 June 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteChurch DisciplineMat 18:1-20; WCF 30Youtube
27 June 2021(AM)Rev Erik StoltePaul’s Charge to the Ephesian EldersJohn 10:11–18Acts 20:17–38Youtube
20 June 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteCovenant BaptismActs 2:29–41;
WCF 28:1,6
Acts 2:39Youtube
20 June 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteThe Ephesian PentecostActs 2:1–13Acts 19:1–7Youtube
13 June 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteRevival in EphesusActs 19:8-41Youtube
13 June 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteThe Banquet of the New CovenantWCF 29:1,71 Cor 10:14-22; 11:23-34Youtube
6 June 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteCovenant BaptismActs 2:29–41;
WCF 28:1,6
Acts 2:39Youtube
6 June 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteThe Ephesian PentecostActs 2:1–13Acts 19:1–7Youtube
30 May 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteThe SacramentsJohn 6:60-71John 6:63Youtube
30 May 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteChrist's Care through DeaconsJohn 13:1-20Acts 6:1-7Youtube
23 May 2021(PM)Rev Sjirk BajemaHow God Rules the ChurchMat 18:10-20;
1 Cor 5:1-13
WCF 30Youtube
23 May 2021(AM)Rev Sjirk BajemaThe Lord at WorkJohn 16:4-15;
Acts 2:1-13
Acts 2:4Youtube
16 May 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteOur Great High PriestHeb 8:1-8; 9:23-26Heb 4:14-16Youtube
16 May 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteStrengthening the Church1 Cor 3:1-15Acts 18:18-28Youtube
13 May 2021(AS)Rev Erik StolteOur King LaughsPsa 2Youtube
9 May 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteBlessed Be the Tie that BindsWCF 26John 15:1-5;
1 Cor 12:12-31
9 May 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteDo not Fear!1 Cor 2:1-6; 3:10-15Acts 18:1-17Youtube
2 May 2021(PM)Rev Nigel CunninghamWho Should Come?1 Cor 11:28-32LD 30: Q&A 81Youtube
2 May 2021(AM)Rev Nigel CunninghamThe Song of the RedeemedRev 7:9-17Rev 14:1-5Youtube
25 April 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteThe Church of Jesus ChristRev 21:9–27;
WCF 25:1–5
Mat 16:13–20Youtube
25 April 2021(AM)Rev Erik StoltePaul Amongst the IntellectualsRom 1:18-23Acts 17:16–34Youtube
18 April 2021(PM)Rev Sjirk BajemaThe Game You Have to Win!Mat 6:1-18;
Pro 23:29–35;
1 Cor 9:19–27
1 Cor 9:24–27Youtube
18 April 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteThe Word Transforms1 Thes 2:17–3:13Acts 17:1–15Youtube
11 April 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteGod’s Institution of MarriageMat 19:1-9Gen 2:18-25;
WCF 24:1-3, 6
11 April 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteSurprising ConversionsActs 16:11-40Youtube
4 April 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteKeep WatchActs 20:24-35;
1 Tim 4:6-16
1 Tim 4:16Youtube
4 April 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteDoubting the ResurrectionJohn 20:1-23John 20:24-31Youtube
2 April 2021(GF)Rev Erik StolteForsaken by GodMat 27:46Youtube
28 March 2021(PM)Rev Sjirk BajemaThe Call to All1 Cor 1:18-31
Pro 1:1-33
Pro 1:20-33Youtube
28 March 2021(AM)Mr John van Dyk
(Rev D Waldron)
The Rescued Rightly RejoiceMat 21:1-11Zec 9:9-13Youtube
21 March 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteOf Oaths and VowsMark 12:13-17;
WCF 23:1,2,4
Rom 13:1-7Youtube
21 March 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteSharp DisagreementsActs 15:36-16:10Youtube
14 March 2021(PM)Mr Bruce Duthie
(Rev M A Flinn)
But Which Book?Mat 5:17-20;
B.C 4-6
Deut 13:1-5Youtube
14 March 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteThe Jerusalem Council Agrees on the GospelActs 15:1-3Youtube
7 March 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteOf Oaths and VowsMat 23:13-24;
WCF 22:1-3, 5
Mat 5:33-37Youtube
7 March 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteNo Cross, No CrownActs 14Youtube
28 February 2021(PM)Mr Rick Geerlofs
(Rev J A Haverland)
God's Covenant WordDeut 27:1-15, 28:1-6; Mat 7:21-29Jos 8:30-35Youtube
28 February 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteThe Gospel for Church PeopleActs 13:13-52Youtube
21 February 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteThe Question of the SabbathWCF 21:7,8
Heb 4:1-13
Mark 2:23-3:6Youtube
21 February 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteChrist's Mission Continues on with PowerActs 1:1-11Acts 13:1-12Youtube
14 February 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteThe Practice of Worship2 Tim 3:10-17
WCF 21:1,3,5
John 4:16-26Youtube
14 February 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteGive Thanks: The PracticeDeut 81 Thes 5:18Youtube
7 February 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteWorship WarsExo 19:1-3, 10-20; 20:18-21
WCF 21:1,2
Heb 12:18-24Youtube
7 February 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteGive Thanks: Giving thanks in all circumstancesRom 8:28-39
Phil 4:4-20
1 Thes 5:18Youtube
31 January 2021(PM)Rev. Geoff MacphersonLet God Invade Your Privacy: how God knows us intimately and we can know him in ChristJoh 10:1-18Psa 139Youtube
31 January 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteGive Thanks: the foundation of thanksgivingRom 1: 18-23;
Luk 17:11-19
1 Thes 5:18Youtube
24 January 2021(PM)Mr Bruce Duthie
(Rev M A Flinn)
People of the BookJos 1:1-9
2 Pet 1:12-21
BC Art. 3Youtube
24 January 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteJesus' Glorious KingdomPsa 72Youtube
17 January 2021(PM)Rev Jason PickardLiving on a PrayerGen 18:22-33
BC Art. 26

Heb 7:11-28Youtube
17 January 2021(AM)Rev Jason PickardThe Lord is My ShepherdLuk 15:1-7

Psa 23Youtube
10 January 2021(PM)Mr John van Dyk
(Rev D A Waldron)
The Holy Catholic Christian Church1 Kin 19:9-18
BC Art. 27
Mat 16:13-20
Mat 16:18Youtube
10 January 2021(AM)Mr Bruce Duthie
(Rev M A Flinn)
The Most Excellent Way1 Cor 12:27-14:1

1 Cor 13:1-7Youtube
3 January 2021(PM)Rev Jason PickardThe Character of God's GuidancePsalm 25Youtube
3 January 2021(AM)Rev Jason PickardThe Ultimate Update2 Cor 3

Jer 31:31-38Youtube