Timothy and Zara Woo
Timothy & Zara Woo

Timothy and Zara Woo
Zara & Tim at Mount Cook, New Zealand


Dunedin Reformed Church
SIM Zambia
Lusaka (Wikipedia)
Theological College of Central Africa
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Timothy and Zara Woo are members of the Dunedin Reformed Church and work in Zambia from their base in Lusaka. They have previously served two two-year postings to the Theological College of Central Africa in Ndola (also in Zambia). Timothy, a qualified librarian, and Zara, an experienced teacher, bring their respective professional, Christian and life skills to bear in serving SIM, in their local church and in other ministry opportunities.

Please follow the links below to learn more about their mission activities, and to read their latest news.


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Wrapping up in Lusaka, Christmas lunch, preparations to leave
Return to New Zealand, leaving the field, bypass hong Kong
Cases rise exponentially, online services, book shipments
Pandemic, working from home, hydro-lakes & harvest rainfall
Pandemic, hydro-lakes, cancellations
Rain, radio broadcast recording, Timothy’s residence permit
Eastern Province trip, radio broadcasting opportunity
Tragic deaths, load-shedding, drought
Dunedin-Hong Kong trip, Kafwa Drop In Centre, SIM work
Covenant College, shipping books, Chinese church
Library cataloguing, Spiritual Life conf, preaching/teaching
Cholera outbreak, late rain, car break-in, work in Lusaka
Funeral of Zara’s mother, return to Zambia in new year
Spiritual Life conference, Covenant College
Vietnam holiday, five weeks in Ndola, Petauke Bible College
Hong Kong visit, June to August in Zambia
Hong Kong experiences, Zara’s mother, aunt turned 107
Funeral of Timothy’s mother, home assignment
Annual Family Conference, doctor ill, Timothy’s knee
Back in Hong Kong, medical evacuations, power cuts
Liberia assistance, director away, Chinese church
Return from Hong Kong, three missionaries return home
Mongu visit, presidential by-election, Hong Kong visit
Orientation week, gospel meeting, Zambian 50th ind. anniv.
Mums in Hong Kong, family conference, busy period over
Ebola outbreak, two missionaries infected, Zara’s mother
Timothy’s mother and brother, good reading, biennial conference
Spiritual Life conference, Timothy in SA, visit to Hong Kong
Namibian holiday, guest house, Spiritual Life conference
Ethiopian visitors, God’s grace in times of trial
Hectic January; Ndola, Bible College visits; ministries
Visit to Choma, Ethiopian missionaries, Chinese builders
Hong Kong trip, Zara’s father’s operation
Changeable weather, malaria, funeral, mortality
Treasurer, deputy intl director visits; van mishap
Reformed Family Conference, breathing space, elephants
Church and home groups, shower door, Mongu trip cancelled
Busy month, many missionaries met, Timothy acting director
New situation, church, Lusaka driving, generator
Home in Lusaka, Ba John, Chinese Fellowship, starting work
Journey back, return to Ndola, petrol price increase
Namibian holiday, leaving preparations, rebased kwacha
Evangelistic and gospel meetings, MTh programme, new students
Hot weather, mangoes, Timothy’s mother unwell, church harvest
Last term at TCCA, Lusaka trip, preaching, prayer for future
Book sales, future possibilities, family conference, TCCA faculty
US pastor, malaria, SIM missionary visitors, planned Lusaka trip
Strategic planning meeting, visiting US pastor, student recovering
New minister, resumption of duties, unwell student
Missionaries’ departure, Grad. Enrichment Seminar, MTh program
Slovenian holiday and churches
Spiritual Life Conference, term extended, holiday
New teacher, midweek services, conference, wedding
Lusaka trip, traffic, rainy Sundays, garden fruit, football win
Football, recent rain, malaria, Zara as registrar
Victoria Falls vacation, academic dean, currency, challenges
Barcoding books, new principal, season’s greetings
2011 graduation, students’ expenses, intake, permits, vacation
Cooling rains, unconfirmed enrolments, Young Fan
Medication arrives, rainy season, more preaching, student riot
Election result/celebrations, Timothy preaches, some mail arrives
Power cut, Timothy to preach, principal in Hong Kong, slow mail
Staffing situation, Kiwi IT specialist, election campaigns
Christian schools, Pentecostal churches, elections, principal search
Malaria, assistant librarian, census, Chinese Christian group
President’s death; Chinese doctors; International Trade Fair
Seminar, principal search, IT specialist, winter
New principal, seminar, IT helpers, Chinese group
Road accidents, Chinese visitors, health
Hong Kong weather, family, doctors, reporting
Christchurch earthquake, elections, malaria
Chinese New Year, Chinese doctors, director visit, Hong Kong
Cape Town, student intake, multicultural workshop, Chinese NY
Graduation, busyness, thunderstorms
Freight consignment, rain expected, Middle Fan, book sale
Canadian family, rainy season, brevity of life, lizards
Work permit, Young Fan, voltage problems, building project, heat
Flora, Sunday at Mufulira, Dr Stuebing visit, building project
Library cataloguing, student interviews, sale of books
Christchurch earthquake, township, TCCA Sundays, staffing crisis
Chinese miners’ compound, telco sale, cost of living
Mitanda Home, computer installation, transient populace
Dunedin/Hong Kong furlough, re-entry to Zambia, by-election
Spiritual Life Conference, new worker, voluntary teacher
Stuebings’ retirement, unexpected costs, ruined telephone
Toe injury, library network, ACTEA proposal
Rain, malaria, building, IT, prayer requests
Power cuts, Chinese New Year, Dr Fan, dog
IT, building, dog, hospital administrator
Lusaka, building delayed, malaria
Student numbers, Lusaka, SIM missionaries, Bibles
Power loss, tuberculosis, return to NZ
Connection problems, fundraising, Zara’s work
Funeral, fundraising, rain, building
Donation, visitors, weather, break in
Holiday in Croatia, the Zambian memory, water supply
Reviews, retreat, funeral, registry
Cantonese speakers, Dr Fan, reading scheme, reviews
Lecturers, Ba John, induction service
Guest lecturers, Cantonese, library upgrade funding, dog
Dr Fan, visitor, electricity, tangerines
Weather, garden & plants, nursing strikes, Dr Fan
Malaria, strikes, TCCA Seminar
Electricity, strikes, scam, cash
Term 2, libraries, reading, Dr James Hudson Taylor III
Dr Fan, Zambians, one year passed
SIM Conference, wedding, medication arrival
Holidays, easter, donation, flooding, medication
Library upgrade proposal, replacement speakers, construction
Holidays, visitors, rest home, tutoring
Relations with Chinese, team workshop, checkpoint, malaria
Unexpected happenings, Singapore, wet weather, project proposal
Academic year, project upgrade, Dr Fan, Chinese New Year
Chinese pastors, orphanage, driving, economy
Mission nurse visit, festivities, 2009 prayer requests
Graduation, national park, 2008 review
End of term, AIDS, orphans, driving
Rain, noisy nights, own car, viruses, IFPRI
Presidential election, Indians, Chinese ministries
Home groups, rest home, gardening
SIM reviews, Jim Elliot, providential timing
Visitor, finance, hot weather
Touring, malaria, visitor, President’s burial
President Mwanawasa’s death
Food, TCCA lecturer, inverters, parcels, labour
Trade fair, parcels, medication
President, church, home group, Evanses
Food, handyman, permits, cellphones, security
Work visa, chapel, monthly meeting, Graduates’ Seminar
Power cuts, postal service, minibuses, air quality
New house, shops, Zambian people, Internet access, church
Arrival in Zambia, Lusaka, economy, Ndola street life

Introductory articles

Mar 2, 2008
Feb 24, 2008
Feb 7, 2008

Theological College of Central Africa
Some facts about Zambia